What makes Pukka such a great company? Their pretty packaging, the many delicious flavours of tea, or the ethos of the brand itself? We think it’s all three. Take a read below at just a few reasons why you should choose to buy Pukka today:

  • Pukka are arguably one of the most ethical companies out there. All of their teas are made with Soil Association certified organic herbs, and are certified “Fair for Life”, too, meaning they’re gold standard in fair and ethical trade. 
  • No need to worry about plastic in your teabag as Pukka use a “simple stitch of organic cotton and a unique folding process” to ensure no polypropylene is needed to heat seal the bag. (Bonus fact: they were the first ever company to use organic strings to seal their teabags with!) 
  • The company are dedicated to becoming carbon zero by 2030 and have been able to map their entire carbon footprint since 2017. This includes everything from growing and processing the herbs, all the way to recycling your empty Pukka packaging! 
  • They’re big on charity donations, too, having last year donated a whopping £425,000 to environmental and social causes. We think that’s pretty outstanding! 
  • Did we mention the vast array of delectable teas available? Truly something for every tea lover in the Pukka range!