Get your day off to a good start with our delicious cereal options. Whether you’re after a traditional bowl of porridge, or a tasty bowl of muesli, you’re sure to find the perfect breakfast option here. Cereals are a great source of slow release carbohydrates that can help you get the right amount of energy you need for the day, as well as being rich in fibre to promote a healthy digestive system.

Choose between porridge and jumbo oats, available in both organic and conventional options. Add your choice of milk or water to make a simple morning porridge or add your favourite fruit and seeds for a nutritious twist. Alternatively, why not switch things up a bit and try making your porridge with oatmeal instead? Try medium oatmeal as a finer ground alternative to standard oats, or slow cook pinhead oatmeal for a hearty, nutty textured porridge.

If porridge isn’t your thing, then take a look at our other cereal options. Our delectable mueslis are packed full of nourishing fruit, nuts, and flakes, making them a super popular choice for breakfast with adults and children alike. Just add a splash of your chosen milk for a super easy breakfast option.

If you’re after something with more crunch to it, our yummy cinnamon flavoured granola is a great option, and can also be used to make granola bars.

Our organic bran sticks are the perfect thing to go for if you like a simple, fibre packed breakfast, and they’re fab jazzed up with fruit or yoghurt

To add extra fibre to your diet, you can always add in some of our oat bran, medium bran, or wheatgerm. Try them in your morning smoothie or mix them in with any of our cereals for a nutritious, fibrous boost! Shop our cereals today and start your day the right way!

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