Optima Organic Coconut Oil 920g


  • Vegan / Dairy Free
  • Non GM
  • Organic Certified

Optima 100% Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is cold processed and non-GM. We produce from raw, fresh coconut flesh and not dried copra.

It is a highly nutritious food, a delicious culinary ingredient and is one of the finest cooking oils you can use. Unlike most vegetable oils, it is resistant to the breakdown of fatty acid chains even at higher cooking temperatures.

Raw Virgin Coconut Oil can be used all over the body as a lusciously nourishing and moisturising beauty treatment.

Raw Virgin Coconut Oil solidifies below 25 degrees centigrade, but above this temperature it will turn to liquid. This is a natural characteristic due to its fatty acid profile and does not affect the quality or integrity of the product. It is safe to use in either state.




  • Use as a delicious ingredient in cooking, baking, salads and spreads, or as a cooking oil. Store at room temperature.


  • Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil (100%)

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Additional information

Weight 920 g

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