Wild About Honey – ‘Eucalyptus’ Raw Honey


This sweet honey has starts of rich dark amber and crystallizes to a thick buttery texture. It has the truly distinct mellow sweetness of Eucalyptus honey and is extremely more-ish if you have a sweet tooth. It has been variously described as rich, resinous and with strong butterscotch notes. It is a damn near perfect example of a Raw Eucalyptus honey.

Like all Eucalyptus honey it has renowned antibacterial qualities and is also perfect for your winter medicine cabinet.

Honey and Crystallization. Crystallization is a completely natural process and occurs with all raw honey. The speed and size of the crystallization depends on variations in the balance of sugars, ambient temperature and to some extent water content If your honey is set hard, you can loosen it up by placing it in a pan of hand hot water, (and repeat as necessary) using a spoon placed in hot water first and of course storing it in a sunny/warm place in the house.





Country of Origin: Portugal

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Additional information

Weight 500 g

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