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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 10ml

This Amour 10ml ylang ylang essential oil is both relaxing and reviving. It calms the nervous system, reducing feelings of fear and panic and promoting feelings of confidence. It also revives us physically due to its euphoric aroma and effect on the senses. Ylang ylang essential oil supports female health during menstruation and menopause, and makes a wonderful blend with clary sage, geranium and rose geranium. In skincare, ylang ylang is a balancing oil, and is ideal for those prone to either oily and dry skin. It is also useful for hair health, promoting healthy looking and full hair. Ylang ylang is a known aphrodisiac, and is a wonderful ingredient either on its own, and in toiletries, bath oils and perfumes.

Country of origin: Madagascar.

Ingredients: 100% pure ylang ylang essential oil 10ml. Nothing else added.

Suggested uses: Blend 5-10 drops and add to a bath. Mix 5-10 drops with water to use in an oil burner. Mix 6-10 drops with hot water as an inhalation. Patch test before use on the skin.

Precautions: Safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding when used within the guidelines. Not recommended for children. For use on the skin, dilute up to a maximum of 0.8% essential oil in a carrier oil. Not recommended for those with hypersensitive skin. Can give some people headaches. Do not take internally unless prescribed. Keep away from children and eyes. If you have a medical condition check with your practitioner before use.



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