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How Aloe Pura sun protection can help keep you safe this summer

aloe pura aloe vera sun lotion

The Met Office has predicted that summer 2023 will again be one of the hottest ever, due partly to the impact of the El Niño weather system.  And we’re sure you don’t need us to remind you of how extreme the heatwaves were last summer.

So you increasingly need to strike a balance between getting sufficient Vitamin D from sunlight and protecting yourself from the sun’s strongest rays.

Clearly, sunburn raises the risk of skin cancer, and you don’t just get it on holiday. Even when it’s cloudy, unfortunately you can still burn in Britain.

Stay safe in the sun

Stay in the shade when the sun as it its most intense – in the UK, this is typically between 11am and 3pm. Cover up with appropriate clothing, sunglasses and a brimmed hat, and be especially careful if you have children with you. For babies younger than six months, keep them out of strong, direct sunlight completely.  

Applying sunscreen properly

Apply between six and eight teaspoons of sunscreen if you’re covering your whole body, and remember to be liberal with it for maximum protection. Apply it half an hour before going into the sun, and again just before going outside. Don’t forget your neck, ears and head.

Reapply every couple of hours, and when you have been in water or towelled yourself down.

There are two types of ultraviolet (UV) light – A (UVA) and B (UVB). While UVA rays have a longer wavelength, and are associated with skin ageing, UVB rays, with their shorter wavelength, are associated with skin burning.

With sunscreens, sun protection factor (SPF) is rated on a scale of 2 to 50.

Aloe Pura Aloe vera sun lotion

With an SPF of 25,15 or 50, the Aloe Pura products offer protection against both burning UVB and ageing UVA rays. They’re free from artificial colours and scents, parabens and SLS or sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), a chemical surfactant used in numerous cleaning products and cosmetics.

The Aloe Pura sun lotion is made from organic Aloe vera, a succulent plant which has been used in alternative medicine for millennia, and incorporates revitalising vitamins and plant extracts, such as citrus and avocado oils.

Aloe vera is a fully natural product that will leave your skin feeling soft, silky and hydrated while also offering sun protection and having a cooling effect.

Order Aloe Pura Sun Lotion from Ganesha

Ganesha Wholefoods is a family-run business that has specialised in fully natural products for well over four decades. Protect your family this summer and order Aloe Pura Aloe vera SPF 15, SPF 25 or SPF 50, for maximum protection from us online – we use wood pulp packaging suitable for home composting and offer free shopping on orders worth £40 or more.

Alternatively, pop in to one of our stores in Sidmouth, Axminster or Honiton and pick up your sun protection in person, especially if you’re in the area on holiday this summer.

Feel free to chat to us about any of our products, including this one, while you’re there or contact us online.

A Family Business

Wholefoods specialist since 1979.

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Wood Pulp Packaging

Suitable for home composting.