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Skincare chat: dealing with drought

Skincare - Dealing with drought

As the seasons shift from autumn to winter, the drop in temperature can upset the moisture balance in our skin. Harsh winds, colder temperatures, central heating, and increased water temperature in our showers or baths, may all be contributing factors to our skin’s increased dryness throughout the winter months. 

Most of us will notice the skin on our hands becoming drier, especially as the current pandemic continues to see us washing and sanitising our hands likely more than we would have done in previous years, but many of us will also experience changes in the moisture level in the skin on our faces and bodies. 

In this mini-series, I’m going to talk you through some of my personal top natural skincare and body care products we sell here at Ganesha Wholefoods to help keep your skin hydrated this winter. 

Today, we’re talking hands.

Our hands can take a lot of abuse day-to-day. Many of us work in professions where regular, thorough handwashing and sanitising is imperative, and this repetitive washing and drying can strip our skin of its naturally present oils that keep it hydrated, soft, and supple. 

Applying your chosen hand cream after washing your hands will help, but did you know it’s been shown as more effective to apply your hand cream to slightly damp hands? When our skin is damp, our pores are open, which means the moisturiser can sink deeper into our skin than it can when our skin is completely dry.  

My job involves a fair amount of handwashing and sanitising, and I’m in constant contact with cardboard, too, which I find contributes to increased dryness in my hands. So here are a few of my most favourite tried and tested natural hand creams available to buy with us:

Moogoo sensitive skin balm (v)

This product right here undoubtedly helped save my skin last winter. The lightweight, balmy consistency of the cream sinks in super well through the skin, and its hydrating super-hero ingredients of sweet almond oil, olive oil, and aloe vera really help to lock that all important moisture into the skin. I used this mostly on my hands, but it would work an absolute treat on your face and body, too. Vegans, do not be deterred by the brand name ‘Moogoo’ here, this incredible skin balm is one of their vegan friendly products!

Lavera intensive hand cream (v)

This lovely, super affordable hand cream is certainly a customer favourite as well as one of mine. It’s certified organic and vegan, smells absolutely delicious, and absorbs beautifully into the skin. Containing shea butter and almond oil, this product delivers effective, affordable long-lasting moisture.

Weleda skin food

I would say this product has achieved “cult status” within the natural beauty world and for good reason. This cream has been around for decades and is a favourite for many. Its rich, buttery consistency makes for an intensive cream, one perfect for the most dehydrated of hands, or the most cracked of elbows. Its mild plant extracts of calendula and chamomile are cocooned in a thick base of beeswax and sunflower seed oil, perfect for nourishing even the driest of skin. I like to use this overnight mostly, as I personally find it a little too thick for daytime use.

Antipodes saviour skin balm

Clue’s in the name for this one. Great for on-the-go, this handy little tube provides intensive moisture when your skin needs a saviour, stat. Containing incredible ingredients such as castor seed oil, beeswax, shea butter, St John’s wort oil, and the antioxidant-rich Vinanza Grape® extract, you can be sure that this balm will do its best to rescue dry, damaged hands. 

Nelson’s calendula cream

I have gone through countless tubes of this stuff. I wish they’d make a giant tub of it, as the tubes never seem to last me long enough.
This is the most lightweight, rapidly absorbed hand cream I’ve ever tried, which is why it’s a favourite of mine for during the working day. It sinks into the skin so fast, it’s almost like it was never there, but the instant relief felt on application tells me otherwise! Calendula has been used for generations to help nourish and protect skin, and it’s clear why. I’ve found this cream particularly good for those tiny little cracks and splits you get on the skin around your nails, and after one trip away where I forgot my face cream, I can vouch for its effectiveness on your face, too! 


It can be a laborious process of trial and error to find a product that ticks all our boxes of prerequisites. My job fortunately enables me to try a variety of different natural skincare products, so I’m hoping this short guide can help guide you in the direction of your new favourite hand cream to provide relief to your dehydrated hands this winter. 

*Thoughts and opinions are author’s own. None of these products are affiliates and no compensation has been collected for writing these reviews. 

A Family Business

Wholefoods specialist since 1979.

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Suitable for home composting.