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Change your habits this new year by buying organic wholefoods and products

New Year Organic Wholefoods

The festivities may have all but faded from memory, but there’s still time to revisit those New Year’s resolutions, and even to make some new ones. If you’re finding you’re struggling to keep yours at this still-early stage of 2023, you’re certainly not alone. 

And one issue could well be that you are not making your better-living pledges specific enough. Giving up smoking, losing weight or getting fitter, for example, are all laudable ideals, but so vague that it would be difficult for the most determined person to stick to them in a meaningful way. 

But one change we can all make, and which is tangible and achievable, is to eat more in the way of organic wholefoods and products. 

Organic and Wholefoods – what are they?

For the avoidance of doubt, it’s worth understanding what the terms organic and wholefood mean. Wholefoods are simply those which are unprocessed, so they are completely natural, and often ready to eat straight from the ground. 

Meanwhile, organic produce is farmed in a way which avoids the use of manmade fertilisers, pesticides or livestock feed additives. Equally, there are no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) involved. Organic agriculture works towards socially, economically and environmentally sustainable production, involving crop rotation, animal and plant manures, some hand weeding and biological pest control. 

While all organic foods are wholefoods, the reverse doesn’t apply, so not all wholefoods are produced organically. For example, some but not all apples are organic, but all are wholefoods. 

The benefits of wholefoods 

Switching to wholefoods offers numerous benefits, both for your health and the environment. That’s because highly processed and over-packaged products typically incorporate too much salt, along with too many preservatives and artificial flavours. Consuming organic wholefoods means you get the micronutrients, trace minerals, fibre and other natural goodies you need in your diet. 

A wholefood diet also brings about a number of other benefits, including: 

  • Enhancing overall nutrition
  • Natural foods do not contain harsh toxic chemicals
  • Wholefoods boost gut health and support the immune system 
  • It can lower your risk of developing heart disease
  • It’s also an excellent tool for losing weight – and managing weight-related conditions including Type 2 diabetes 

Finally, of course, organic wholefoods are an excellent first step on the path to a more sustainable lifestyle. Their consumption helps reduce chemical pesticides and toxic chemicals on the land. 

Start your change to organic products and wholefoods 

You probably already know that your best bet is a varied diet to support a healthy immune function, along with perhaps some multivitamins or other nutritional supplements to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs. 

You can always begin with some whole grains, nuts and seeds and legumes as a way of introducing organic wholefoods into your diet. 

Our wholefood and organic range

At Ganesha Wholefoods, we have a huge range of products to get you started. Choose from an extensive line-up of grains, nuts, seeds and more, including food from leading brands. You can also stock up on numerous other essentials, from supplements to herbs and spices, toiletries and cleaning products. You can even source some decadent aromatherapy treats with us, from cocoa butter to tea-tree oil. 

Browse online or pop in to one of our shops. And make a pledge to organic wholefoods, if only for some items. You’ll find it’s one resolution that’s surprisingly easy to stick to. 

A Family Business

Wholefoods specialist since 1979.

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