Mustard Seeds Yellow


Yellow or white mustard seeds are generally much milder than their black siblings, and are more commonly used when pickling, or making salad dressings. They are also a very popular seed choice for anyone wishing to start sprouting their own seeds. Simply soaking the seeds overnight in a bowl of cold water (take care to ensure they’re completely covered and not floating on top of the water) softens the seed coat and activates germination of the seed.

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Country of origin: Ukraine/Canada.

Ingredients: Yellow mustard seeds 100%.

Nutrition Typical Values per 100g:

Energy (kJ): 2126
Energy (kcal): 508
Fat: 36.24g
Carbohydrates: 28.09g
Fibre: 12.2g
Protein: 26.08g
Salt: 0.0325g

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